Improve Operational Visibility and Efficiency 

Track real-time performance of assets and process conditions. Follow the KPIs such as integrity and energy use regularly. Focus on more important things rather than visiting long-distances to check your machines. Our analysis helps you monitor overall machine performance smartly and detect issues resulting in wear and tear.

Solution Benefits

Enhanced Productivity

The only way to make your machines worthy, reliable, and long-lasting is to care for them. Therefore, our analysis offers you the leverage to note the system’s complete working mechanism with reduced costs and minimal effort. 

Streamlined & Automated Data 

Keeping the assets safe to ensure their high-end performance, we track complete performance data and instantly eradicate any wear and tear for effective machine functioning.  

Predictive Maintenance 

Make smarter decisions about your factory by using intelligent McCoy IoT solutions by using predictive maintenance to avoid significant downtime caused by maintenance problems. 

Reduced Costs 

Certainly, you can reduce and cut down your operational cost by manufacturing automation. McCoy IIOT solution provide advanced production analytics to help managers make smarter decisions about operations.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is revolutionizing manufacturing

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IoT Application for Manufacturing & Industry 4.0

Predictive Maintenance

We promise to treat all the machine's potential shortcomings and keep you in light by updating every machine's detail, such as its maintenance, regulation, modification, component replacements, etc.

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Supply Chain Management

Automate your entire supply chain management department and get the real-time shipment, inventory visibility and tracking. 

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Condition Monitoring 

24/7 check to test machine performances

Considering preventive measures to protect the machine’s health.

Remotely monitoring the assets by just at a click. 

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Automate your manufacturing processes

McCoy IoT solutions are specially designed for manufacturing industry which helps companies to automate the entire manufacturing process and streamline your operations.

Real-Time Updates

Get real-time updates and make your decision wisely.

Graphical Dashboard

Centralized data with graphical interface and custom dashboards.

100% Customisable

Flexible and custom solutions based on your unique business process.

Embrace the smart manufacturing now                 

McCoy has decades of enterprise systems, technological, and IoT domain experience, we will transform your enterprise with unparalleled integration and digital expertise.