Smart healthcare solutions for healthcare provider and patients. 

As people are becoming more cautious about their health with the advancement of technology, the demand for remote healthcare is growing more than ever. Unfortunately, there is a strong need for the transformation of our current healthcare system. It currently lacks patient care features such as real-time health information and instant measures for treatment. As IoT solutions developers, we help hospitals bridge the gap between the health sector and patients by accurate monitoring and expenditure reduction.

Benefits of Working With Us

Long-Lasting Disease Management (Chronic)

Diseases that last as long as more than one year or have effects after that are commonly called chronic diseases. As they are becoming more widespread, there has to be an automated system between such patients and physicians. IoT based heart monitors, blood pressure measurement tools, and glucometers can help patients keep track of their healthcare data. Our healthcare management system uploads this data further to the cloud storage, which is accessible from any healthcare unit.

Patient-Generated Health Data (PGHD) 

It’s easier to track patient-generated health data (PGHD) by using our IoT based healthcare solutions. The treatment history, diseases, current health, and prescriptions can all be stored using IoT based devices and cloud storage. Internet-enabled medical devices will collect patients’ data by wearables, or the patients can enter the data manually. In this particular data collection method, patients are responsible for the data sharing instead of medical professionals.

Monitoring Patients Remotely 

IoT has made it possible to monitor and treat patients remotely to a great extent. Our IoT based devices capture PGHD by medical devices, enabling the doctors to review it anywhere in the world without meeting patients physically. Medical professionals can connect to patients instantly if the treatment isn’t found to be effective. Some other benefits of remote patient monitoring are detecting drug intoxication and diagnosing acute illnesses so that they can be treated.

Preventive Health Services 

Our IoT based solutions are beneficial for patients as well as those who’re currently not suffering from any disease. The healthcare services also extend to those who need preventive measures against diseases. For monitoring the health data of such individuals, our smart healthcare solutions are handy and quickly share with the medical professionals for tracking. This reduces the risk of illness and on the spot diagnosis.

Change Lives with Real-Time Health Data

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IoT Application for Smart Healthcare

After Discharge Healthcare

People who have been recently discharged from the hospital or clinic after having surgery or major health treatment need after discharge care. Such patients’ recovery phase becomes convenient as they no longer need to visit hospitals frequently and consult with doctors physically. They can comfortably get the most valuable healthcare services in their homes.

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Home-Based Primary Care

Senior citizens need healthcare services more frequently than any other age group. Unfortunately, it’s impossible for assisted living facilities to accommodate every veteran. IoT provides a solution of home-based primary care for them. Medical professionals decide which individuals are healthy enough to stay at home by proper inspection. Since their data is actively getting collected daily, they will be reached immediately at the time of need.

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Secure Healthcare Data Collection and Analysis

Protect patient data privacy while gathering and transmitting data at lightning-fast speeds. With 5G, large files can be transmitted between doctors and hospitals exponentially faster than with under-powered legacy wired networks. 

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Deploy your IoT network with ODES

We can help you with our smart healthcare IoT solutions, no matter what health sector you belong to. We don’t compromise on data accuracy, which is one of the foremost reasons why our clients are able to deal with health-related issues of their patients. With accurate and precise health data, doctors and health care professionals can design dynamic treatment plans.

Real-Time Updates

Real-time notifications. Provide immediate insight to operators, and easily integrates to IoT tools.

Dynamic Dashboard

Collects data from IoT sensors, then ODES analyses and presents in a dynamic dashboard for further review.

100% Customisable

End-to-end flexible and custom solution to support multiple deployment requirements.

How We Transform Healthcare Management:

  • We decrease the overall operational costs of the healthcare system.

  • We minimize the system errors and improve accuracy.

  • We provide a reliable disease management system.

  • We improve the patient experience by providing him/her with the best facilities.

  • We help physicians with easy management of drugs.

  • We focus on result-oriented treatment procedures.

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