Get a Little Smart With Your Buildings By IoT Solutions

Gone are the days when the labor force was sufficient to build any property. Today’s advanced building construction indeed calls for smart, efficient, and cost-effective solutions that can reduce the labor-force to a minimal extent. 
McCoy IoT solutions come to your help by providing a fully automatic working system that can seamlessly manage all your building duties. From the usage of eco-friendly renewable energy sources to fully automating your homes and building, our IoT solutions take care of everything that can help you spend less and get more from your building.   

Solution Benefits

Building Automation

McCoy IoT solutions provide extraordinary building automation techniques that help you connect, manage, and secure your IoT deployments. 

Security and Surveillance  

We keep a sharp eye on every action and leave no room for any loss or depletion of your assets through our smart real-time remote surveillance.   

Facilities Management  

Compliance can be further enhanced with McCoy IoT. Using unique identifiers, an employee or contractor can prove that they have the right permits and training to perform work on a facility.

Reduced Costs

By conserving maximum energy, ensuring improved security, and saving your additional costs, we promise you to accelerate your efforts, time, and money in a profitable long-term endeavor.

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IoT Application for Facility Management

Efficiency Energy Management

Our job also includes making your building smart just like you. Thus, we offer you comprehensive control of lighting, utilities, HVAC, and other mandatory details supporting and promoting your building automation.  Continue reading 

Water Leakage Detection

 McCoy IoT solutions are comprised of sensors, gateways, automated meter readers, smart infrastructure, and enterprise systems which reduces the entire operational cost related to water leakage. 

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Smart Building Security

McCoy Smart IoT solutions keeps people and assets safe by connecting alarms, doors, fire alarms, motion detection, and tracking devices. 

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Are you ready to deploy IoT Solutions?

Working smart is the key to any successful building automation and the ultimate aim of IoT solutions. We bring you practical, unique, and economical ways with zero lack from our side to accomplish this goal. Give an impeccable transformation to your outdated buildings by availing of our current trending technologies for home and building automation.

Real-Time Updates

Real-time equipment efficiency and alerts to make smarter decisions.

Graphical Dashboard

Collects data from IoT sensors, then ODES analyses and presents in a dynamic dashboard for further review.

100% Customisable

End-to-end flexible solution to support multiple deployment requirements.

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