Real-Time Smart Farming Technology

Internet of things (IoT) is driving changes in agriculture. IoT devices embedded with sensors that can measure and transmit data. Devices can mean anything from pumps, sheds, and tractors to weather stations. IoT devices can send and receive information via the internet. On farms, IoT devices across the farm can measure all the data remotely and provide this information to the farmer in real-time. 

Solution Benefits

One-Stop Solution

Our IoT devices and enterprise solutions can gather information like soil moisture, chemical application, dams level, monitor fences, monitor vehicles, and weather. 

Improved Product Quality

Our sensor-based enterprise system can automate irrigation valve controls and the water levels which enables efficiency, optimized growth levels, and increase product quality. 


Excelled Efficiency

Our IoT-enabled agriculture solution manage the irrigation process and minimize the water losses to enhance the efficiency. As a result farmers can focus on their products.


Streamline Process

Our solutions provides accurate readings of soil water tension which significantly scales down on the use of pesticides and fertilizer. This way farmers can get cleaner products.   


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IoT Application for Agriculture

Irrigation Control

Our IoT solutions provides farmer with real-time soil moisture monitoring to manage remote irrigation management and take action on time. 

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Soil Health Monitoring

Soil monitoring sensors deliver real-time readings of soil temperature, volumetric water content, air temperature, but also nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium (NPK) levels.

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Environmental Monitoring

You can easily control your farm remotely and access real-time information about the soil,  water levels, weather, temperature, wind conditions, air pressure, and humidity for your precise location. 

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Real-Time Updates

Automated system with real-time updates to manage your agriculture business.

Graphical Dashboard

Collects data from IoT sensors, then ODES analyses and presents in a dynamic dashboard for further review.

100% Customisable

End-to-end flexible solution to support multiple deployment requirements.

Upgrade your farm with McCoy  IoT solution! 

We provide end-to-end IoT enabled solutions for agriculture industry to manage and monitor entire farm operations.