Smart Healthcare solutions for Elderly patients and their healthcare providers.

As the number, proportion, efforts to increase length of life, and possibility of having diseases increases for the older population, the demand for a smarter healthcare solution is growing with time. And with this, there is a strong need for a more efficient system to manage the healthcare facilities and treatments. It indispensably requires vital features like fall management, anti-wandering systems, and bathroom alert mechanisms. 
As AIoT developers, we look forward to helping Hospitals and healthcare providers with the required means to provide the best amenities to our elderly. 

Benefits of the Elderly Healthcare System 

Around the Clock Monitoring

IoT has made it possible to keep track of patient’s vitals at all times. Furthermore, our AIoT box solutions allow elderly and disabled patients to call doctors, and caregivers on duty, at their convenience. With several components like AIoT enabled wristbands, multiple sensors, call points, and handsets, caregivers as well as family members of patients can be at peace about the safety and security of their loved ones.  

Accident Prevention

Our AIoT based services and box solutions like Fall Management, Bathroom Alerts, and especially Anti-wandering Systems immensely help increase treatment & healthcare efficiency. For Doctors and caregivers, these solutions combined with our healthcare IoT products allow them to review and keep track of their patients from anywhere as well. Therefore, it allows them to constantly care for elderly patients providing diagnostics and reducing risks of illness.  


Chronic Disease Management Aid 

Several of our elderly patients suffer from dementia and Alzheimer’s diseases which makes them prone to accidents and requires caregivers to constantly and closely monitor them. With our AIoT solutions, such incidents can be greatly avoided. Strip sensors placed on doors floor mat sensors places at entrances and exits tremendously help the staff, fellow patients, and family members be carefree during the course of their treatment. 


Safety of Caregivers

The global pandemic of COVID-19 has created the need for a new way of ensuring the safety of those around us, especially our doctors and caregivers who constantly put forward their best to help anyone and everyone they can. With our Healthcare IoT solutions, Doctors can not only always keep a track of their patient’s vitals but also provide diagnostics and prescribe treatments for the same. Amidst these bleak times, this helps increase our chances at healthcare by protecting those who protect us.   

Prioritize Health of those who prioritized us

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AIoT Application for Elderly Healthcare

Fall Management

Patients receiving healthcare who are bed-ridden require assistance and need a system to call for help whenever necessary or alert the doctors in an emergency. In such cases, cordless monitors placed in convenient locations reduce tripping hazards and eliminate broken or tangled pad cords. This can comprise Protector Call Points & handsets, NEC-11 Cords, Bed Sensors & Cordless Chair pads, and many more. 

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Anti-Wandering Systems

Patients facing dementia or Alzheimer's have a hard time when they accidentally wander off from their healthcare facilities or homes. And this can prove to be very harmful for the elderly in such situation. With our Anti-wandering systems, comprising mainly of wristband transmitters, door strip censors, and cordless floor mats, help caregivers monitor patients who are at risk of wandering. 

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Bathroom Alerts

Patients can sometimes require immediate assistance, in case of an emergency or accident in the bathroom. With our Bathroom Alerting system, the elderly and disabled persons in the bathroom can use an active call system to call for help in an emergency. Caregivers can also receive alerts using motion sensors for a patient that requires a fall prevention solution. The system uses portable handsets, cordless reset buttons & Call points, and caregiver pagers.

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Provide Elderly Healthcare with ODES AIoT

With our new AIoT Solution, we aim to provide Elderly Healthcare a new ground. We do not compromise with data accuracy and promise real time updates ensuring minimum response time. With minimum chance of accidents, caregivers and doctors can not only provide optimum care to our elderly, but the patients can also be at peace knowing help is only the press of a button away. 

Real-Time Updates

Real-time notifications. Provide immediate insights to operators, and easily integrates with other IoT Tools.

Emergency Situation detection

Several around the room technologies provide alerts like fall prevention in bathrooms to avoid mishaps. 

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Multi-level mechanism

Multistep mechanisms like in anti-wandering systems ensure around the clock safety. 

How we transform Elderly Healthcare?

  • We increase the efficiency of alerts provided by elderly & disabled patients

  • We minimize accidents by reducing communication gaps 

  • We minimize systems errors and provided an active user-friendly

  • We make it easier for any elderly. Person to call for help or give alerts

  • We provide real-time alerts to all healthcare givers for the quickest response

  • We focus on the best healthcare for everyone around us