End-To-End Technology Solutions Provider

Enterprise technology solutions provider in Singapore that offers fully integrated software solutions and services.

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Supply Chain & Management

McCoy is a leading player in supply chain management and distribution.

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Digital Media & Internet of Things (IoT)

Focusing on R&D, enterprise mobile and IoT apps solutions. 

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Advisory & Consultancy

Specialise in advisory and business consultancy, GTM strategy, branding & business transformation.

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Power of Little Things

Moving into the digital age, McCoy spearhead the expansion into digital media, digital asset technology, ERP and CRM solutions. The company houses a team of specialists focusing on R&D and technology development that consistently work with McCoy’s partners in delivering top notch solutions.

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Global Network

Established in 2004, McCoy has evolved to become a leader in supply chain management and components manufacturing and distributions. The company provides prominent brands in IoT, microchips and components around the world access to its distribution network.  Located in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Indonesia.

Vision and Mission

At McCoy, we help customers to maximise its value in extracting the most in the supply chain and expanding the least in the distribution network, creating new value by leveraging on technology, digital media and enhancing its value through advisory and consultancy.


An All-In-One Solution to Automate your Business

Fully Integrated

ODES  integrates all of your business systems into an all-in-one solution.

100% Customisable

Highly flexible and scalable solution specifically designed to grow your business.  

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Helping your business succeed with intelligent IoT solutions.


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